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I Take Him Back

Verse I:

It's been some time since I made up my mind
To make Jesus Lord of my life
I've withstood the fear and shed many tears
But patience has stood by my side
When I hear Satan say you're really not saved
You're traveling down the wrong track
I recall once again where grace withstood sin
Down memory's lane I take him back


I take him back to the time at an old-fashioned meeting
When the presence of God filled the air
When the saints were singing of grace and glory
Sweet melodies seasoned with prayer
When one simple sermon from an old-fashioned preacher
Was life to a poor dying slave
I walk him down the aisle to a place at the altar
Where grace fell and I know I got saved

Verse II:

I never knew love 'til it came from above
And took its abode in my heart
The sun now shines brighter, my burden is lighter
Since Jesus gave me a new start
My songs have been changed- my life rearranged
My journey is now a new road
Now when that old accuser tells me I'm a loser
I remind him how he lost my soul.

Words and music by Gerald Crabb
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